To import HDC into Australia you have two main options:

  1.  You can obtain an AQIS permit from Australian customs / Quarantine. There is an import agent called Ian Killip (email; ikillip@bigpond.com) who has obtained several permits for our clients, the whole process costs about $900 AUD.
  2.  Alternatively you can contact Dr. Marc Dellerba at marc.dellerba@biomerestoration.com for the contact details of doctors that have import licenses.

Biome Restoration is not affiliated or connected with any broker, and we do not receive any payment for any permit applications or referrals. Other brokers are available, and you may want to appoint your own. The issuance of Customs Broker’s Licences is overseen by Australian Customs. Licenses are only issued to individuals, not corporations. Any company offering customs clearance services must be owned by a Licensed Broker or have a broker on their staff.

To import HDC into New Zealand:

Hymenolepis diminutua (HDC) has been recognised by The New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) as being a species present in New Zealand. This enables importation under the current legislation.

To import HDC for personal use people need to obtain a permit from the Ministry for Primary industries, the Ministry can be contacted and an; ‘Application for Permit to Import Biological Products, Micro-organisms and Cell Cultures’, can be obtained.

We are happy to supply the information needed regarding HDC and the EPA PNZ code required for the permit. The cost for the permit is $220 NZD.